VIA Project Standard Fee: €140

This is the standard price for new volunteers that participate in a workcamp.

Pay Securely 140 via IDEAL

VIA Project Discounted Fee: €90

Volunteers are eligible for a discounted fee if one of the following is applicable:

  • Second Participation: A volunteer has participated in an SCI/ VIA project within the last 5 years. Any second and further project that a volunteer participates in, the volunteer is eligible for the reduced fee of €90.

  • Invite a friend: A volunteer has brought a friend to VIA that is also participating as volunteer in a project. Either the volunteer or the friend is eligible for the discounted fee.

  • Active Promoter: A volunteer has actively promoted VIA via different ways e.g. helped with the VIA website, social media, online campaigns etc. The volunteer should have done this work before applying for a project

  • Financial Circumstances: A volunteer has requested from VIA a reduction due to his financial situation.

  • VIA camp coordinator or camp organiser within previous 5 years - a volunteer who has lead a VIA project or (co)organised it within 5 years before applying to a project is eligible for a discounted fee while applying for a project.

Please contact our placement officer at info@stichtingvia.nl if you would like to apply for the discounted fee.

Payment Procedure 

We set you application procedure in motion only after we have received

  1. the application for the project of your choice

  2. the payment fee is received

You can transfer the fee that applies to you by a bank transfer to the following account. Please mention your name in the payment description to help us

NL48 INGB 0003 9399 75
Vrijwillige Internationale Aktie, Amsterdam

You can also pay Securely your participation fee of € 140 via IDEAL. Click on the link or on the icon below and you will be transfered to a secure page where you can pay via your preferred bank. In case you are elligible for a discounted participation fee, you can change the amount, but please ensure that you inform us before.


If you call off your participation in a project until three weeks before the start, 50% of the application fee will be returned to you. If you call off later than three weeks before the start, there is no refund. Exceptions are only made in special circumstances.

What is included?

  • Accommodation during the project

  • Food during the project

  • Activities linked to the study theme of the project

  • Introduction Day before and Evaluation Day after the project, organized by VIA

  • Insurance during the working periods in the project

What is not included?

  • Travel costs. These should be covered by the volunteer

Where does the VIA Project Fee go to?

Part of the fee goes to VIA to support the organisation of projects in the Netherlands, the placement process and the organisation around it, the preparation of the volunteer during the Introduction Day, the evaluation after the project and the insurance.
The other part of the fee goes to SCI International and is redistributed among the local branches based on the projects organised and the volunteers sent.
Costs for food and accomodation are covered by Stichting VIA and the workcamp partner, so the participation fee does not go directly to the project.