Don't miss your chance! Apply for one of the Peace Weeks now! 
Most of the costs are covered, you only need to pay 45% of your travel (up to 200 euros) and the regular application fee.

Peace Weeks are special projects and you can apply for one only this summer. They are a part of Citizens Beyond Walls projectfostering inclusive policies to respect Citizens' rights in Europe. Extreme right wing groups are a threat for peace in Europe. CBW is an action aimed at activating citizens to counter the mentioned process. 

During a Peace Week you can participate in discussions and workshops, organize awareness raising campaigns, art exhibitions or even paint a mural or graffiti.
The first Peace Week in Sofia, Bulgaria starts already on the 16 June! 
Go to:, register and apply. 
Questions? You can always reach us at

Don't wait as the number of places is limited!