VIA Project Standard Fee: 140 Eur

This is the standard price for new volunteers that participate in a workcamp.


VIA Project Discounted Fee: 90 Eur

Volunteers are eligible for a discounted fee if one of the following is applicable:

  • Second Participation: A volunteer that has participated in an SCI/ VIA project within the previous 5 years. Any second and further project that a volunteer participates in, the volunteer is eligible for the reduced fee of 90 Eur.
    Example: Mary participates this year in a project in VIA and pays the standard fee. Following year she participates in another project. The discounted fee will be applicable. If she participates the year after she will also pay 90 Eur.
  • Invite a friend: A volunteer has brought a friend to VIA that is also participating as volunteer in a project. Either the volunteer or the friend is eligible for the discounted fee.
    Example: Tom participates in a project in VIA in Spain this year. He promotes this to his friend John and John decides to participate in a project in Portugal. John mentions that Tom introduced him and is eligible for the discounted fee. Alternatively Tom is saying he introduced John and is eligible for the discounted fee and gets the difference returned to his account.
  • Active Promoter: A volunteer has actively promoted VIA via different ways e.g. helped with the VIA website, social media, online campaigns etc.
    Example: Harry has been an active member in VIA updating the facebook page and the website the last year and he applies to a workcamp. He is eligible for the discounted price.
  • Financial Circumstances: A volunteer has requested from VIA a reduction due to his financial situation.
    Example: Helen is unemployed and looking for a job. She wants to do a project in VIA to get some experience and take advantage also of her free time to volunteer. She writes an e-mail to VIA to request a discounted fee and VIA approves it.
  • VIA camp coordinator or camp organiser within previous 3 years - a volunteer who has lead a VIA project or (co)organised it within 3 years before applying to a project is eligible for a discounted fee while applying for a project
    Example: Frank was a camp coordinator in VIA in 2015 and applies to go to a project in Poland in 2017 - he will pay a reduced admin fee for that project; Sally organised a project in the Netherlands in 2017 and so can apply to a project abroad in years 2017-2019 for a reduced fee


Payment Procedure 

After applying for the project of your choice, transfer the fee that applies for you to:
NL48INGB0003939975, Vrijwillige Internationale Aktie, Amsterdam.

Please mention your name in the payment description.
We set you application procedure in motion only after the payment fee is received.


If you call off your participation in a project until three weeks before the start, 50% of the application fee will be returned to you. If you call off later than three weeks before the start, there is no refund. Exceptions are only made in special circumstances.

What is included

  • Accomodation during the project
  • Food during the project
  • Activities linked to the studytheme of the project
  • Introduction Day before and Evaluation Day after the project, organized by Stichting VIA
  • Insurance during the working periods in the project